What’s the best way to rebuild and modernize an old ”case factory” that is governed by annually recurring property management activities and daily operations, generated by the 48.000 tenants who live in the 250+ housing associations you administrate?


Housing administration is, to a certain degree, a fairly predictable field. In principal, DAB oversees the daily operation of 250+ companies in everything from accounting, rent collection, renovation and city renewal projects as well as providing utilities (electricity, water and heat) and handling complaints about the neighbor’s canary bird – in short: EVERYTHING that comes with taking care of 48.000 tenants.

Every housing association/department has its own, self-elected board that represents the occupant democracy. It decides on and approves the make-up of accounts and budgets that are due at specific times throughout the year. Notifications about increased rent and choice of antenna are also part of the administrative areas that DAB manage on behalf of their clients.

DAB wanted a solution that could support its case factory in the annually recurring activities, which are conducted in correspondence with circulars, regulations and ‘Lejeloven’ – while at the same time providing an overview of the various workloads that are due in quarterly segments throughout the year. Up until this point, all tasks were handled in a decentralized manner, with individual task groups using their own excel sheets and annual cycle of work – the goal now, was to establish a more standardized, centralized and failsafe approach.


GO:Asset Management/Lease Administration is a special setup of GetOrganized for non-profit public housing authorities that was created in close collaboration with DAB and our partner EG Datainform. The solution is built around the core elements of housing administration: The tenant, the lease, the property and the housing association. All tasks related to these four components are handled via GO:Asset Management/Lease Administration.

GO:Asset Management/Lease Administration is integrated with EG Bolig, who owns the master data on all leases, tenants, housing departments and the internal organization of DAB.

EG Bolig’s system of task roles ensures that tasks are always assigned to the right employees at DAB – the workflow definition having been set by GO:Asset Management/Lease Administration. As such, all processes are outlined in tasks that the individual employee can keep track of in a single overview.


The solution has provided DAB with the tool it needed to manage cases and task processes in a more centralized manner. The individual departments have bid their farewell with excel as their primary project tool, and are now guided by the workflows of the new solution. 
This ensures that case management is always handled in pre-defined steps, along with compliance to deadlines and a uniform use of templates and communication with tenants.

DAB has submitted more than 100 workflows to the system that task groups at DAB has helped develop in subject specific committees, and these have all been put into GetOrganized’s case workflow module by DAB itself.

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Michael Ekegren Christensen