How do you create an overview of and documentation on the addresses that belong under your supply zone? GetOrganized enables Gribvand to gather documentation, tasks and overview of the individual address in a single screen image.


Like other utility companies, Gribvand has a big need to create an overview of documentation, tasks and information down to address level. Knowledge about the individual addresses and especially plant projects that affect large areas were in a number of independent systems, Outlook and file drives. It was difficult to create an overview and a unique place where projects, hearings and case processing on utility settlement could be performed. Therefore, a system was required that could create an overview and gathering place as a tool and entrance to work with information. Consequently, Gribvand went onto the market to find a new way in which information could be gathered.



Netcompany won an EU tender to create the new solution with the basis in our solution for other utility companies and our integration competencies from the municipalities. In cooperation with Gribvand, the solution was designed around address cases and (project) cases, which could handle the daily tasks as well as integration to the support systems Gribvand needed for the work with cases and projects. 

On the address cases, all employees have the option to form an overview of old and future projects at the individual addresses as well as some support information which is retrieved from a number of other systems. Among other things, an easy and swift function links addresses to related cases and projects which is relevant when larger plant projects are to be made and/or when hearings are conducted or information is to be conveyed to affected citizens in a given geographic area. 

You can also apply tasks/reminders to addresses, cases and projects so that current and future tasks are remembered and managed via the system and a follow-up can be done on obligations and operations. Given that the solution is based on addresses - a historical overview is developed of the activity on the address which is the focal point for operations and activity for the utility company.

Furthermore, the solution was integrated with EasyEnergy and the Geo system, NetGis, so that you can see emptying history, geographic location, supply network, documents and tasks for follow-up at address level, which creates a simple entrance and overview of the knowledge that is accumulated over time.
The solution has given Gribvand the desired central way of managing cases and projects, making the file drive, as the essential management tool, a thing of the past. Gribvand has gained a far greater overview of their addresses and cases.

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Michael Ekegren Christensen