GetOrganized's cookie policy

What is a cookie?
A cookie is data that is saved onto your computer, telephone, iPad, etc., when you use the internet. A cookie is a text file that contains regular text or binary data.

  • The main purpose of cookies is to be used to improve user experience on a website. 

  • Typical examples: Remembers if you are logged on or not. User settings on website. Statistics on your visit to the website. 

  • Types of cookies
    There are three types of cookies:

  • First-part cookies: Cookies that the website saves onto the computer

  • Third-part cookies: Cookies that are saved by third party programs, like Facebook and Google Analytics. They are non-harmful just like first-part cookies

  • Session cookies: Temporary cookies that are deleted when you leave the website 

    Cookies on GetOrganized’s website
    Cookies are used on GetOrganized’s website.Their purpose is to improve your user experience so the website becomes more pleasant to use. 

    The following cookies are used:

  • Measurement of user behavior (Google Analytics and Sitecore) to improve the website (Third-part cookies)

  • Optimising of user experience on the website (First-part cookies and session cookies)

  • To avoid cookies
    You can block all cookies from GetOrganized. Chose advanced cookie-settings in your browser under internet settings. Add to the list of website that you don’t want to receive cookies from. Under internet settings you can also delete other cookies your browser may have saved.