Strong case- and document management

Horten is one of the top 10 Danish law firms with 238 employees. Horten specializes in advising their clients with a focus on delivering a highly skilled team of legal counselors that specialize in more than 20 different areas of commercial and public law.


Horten wanted to strengthen the handling of content and processes with a new system that had to integrate with their ERP system, in order to provide financial insight and overview of time spent and agreed budget for the case, increasing the chargeability of their legal staff.



Netcompany delivered a new, integrated solution, implemented using the Netcompany ECM execution model to design the needed infrastructure, based on SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2012, integration to Navision and migration of 2TB content from fileshares to SharePoint. Additionally, business implementation has realized client, matter and case sites in order to support the employees of Horten with an efficient tool that enables them to be more productive in the case work executed for their clients.
With GetOrganized, Horten has released a solution that supports:

  • The Paperless Office: Scanning of physical records into case sites, which, in addition, contain emails and documents produced and stored in context of the actual case. Search and preview functionality helps to gain a quick and detailed overview and an action driven approach on collected information.
  • Efficient case administration: Different types of case flows are organized and designed via subject matter areas where standard flows, templates and best practices are collected and published for business use.
  • Efficient case handling: Seamless integration to Office 2010 and Outlook effectuates versioning of documents and smooth interexchange of documents via email with full version history, which frees time for actual legal work, rather than managing information and data.
  • Financial insight and overview: The case team can view financial KPIs for a case, so that time spent on the case vs. budget and remaining work can be controlled according to financial guiding principles.

With GetOrganized, 238 employees now work smarter, more efficient and can share knowledge, documents, emails and financial insight in one combined solution.

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Michael Ekegren Christensen

Michael Ekegren Christensen