Serving the Arctic

A new case management platform has enabled Greenland's Sermersooq Municipality to better serve its citizens and businesses with quality services. The solution has consolidated and simplified the IT landscape and allows the municipality to make better use of its limited resources.

In Greenland's Sermersooq Municipality, business is thriving despite social issues in the population. Situated in the Arctic region, global politics, raging blizzards and a strong local culture are all factors to consider every single day, as they influence how social services and business can and should be conducted.

This requires the municipality to use its limited resources with great care and necessitates a high level of versatility in its ability to service citizens. This, in turn, requires overview, deep insight and specialization for an organization that manages 50% of the country and its regional development. A system to support all these factors and to support a low barrier of entry was needed in order for the municipality to swiftly deploy new working routines and to ensure that the case workers would quickly be able to navigate in the new process landscape.

This called for a case management platform that could carry a range of different workloads on a single platform. With more than 1200 case workers inside the organization and with vast geographical distances, radio relays and satellite lines to carry the internet, the new platform had to be simple to use and easy to deploy. With the desire to consolidate and simplify the IT landscape and to increase administrative discipline amongst the employees, the platform also had to be GDPR compliant and help the organisation adhere to good government practice, honoring freedom of information acts as well.

The Municipality of Sermersooq chose GetOrganized ECM as their main platform, which can be maintained and operated by local Microsoft IT specialists. This was a prerequisite as help and services may be needed in the same time and place of where the business user resides. A part of the implementation has therefore been to qualify a local vendor to ensure a good level of service.

The ease of use of the platform and its ability to be configured to dedicated processes by the GetOrganized process engine, as well as a multilingual UI to aid users that only speak and read Greenlandic have enabled the municipality to reach far more users and run much more processes inside the platform then ever before.

The consistent usage enables the municipality to learn from its processes to optimize business flows in order to serve the local businesses with business development services as well as to ensure welfare for its citizens by providing essential, high-quality citizen services.



  • Solution that spans the entire organization and supports multilingual UI for low skill entry level
  • Streamlined model for handling and defining workflows
  • Cultivates good government practice and workforce
  • Platform for current and future work processes with tight integration to data registers to ease administration

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Michael Ekegren Christensen

Michael Ekegren Christensen