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How do you reduce custom development on your SharePoint platform and remain able to deliver business applications to a demanding business? GetOrganized enables Vestas to support the business' needs for document-centric workflow solutions.


Like other large international organisations, Vestas has a considerable need to support core processes and departments with IT systems. Vestas has several platforms - including SharePoint, where the option of quickly establishing solutions on the platform and service the business with application support was required. Hence, they were looking for a framework system that was flexible and able to contain countless applications. Furthermore, a particular structure around the way in which one processed and worked with documents was required, with the intention of leaving behind file drives and lack of overview.



Vestas chose GetOrganized after having conducted a PoC programme which proved that solutions could be quickly delivered in Vestas' SharePoint set-up and that GetOrganized's technical handling of SharePoint was in accordance with their enterprise architecture.

Specifically, Vestas' SharePoint department and Netcompany jointly established a GoAPP for Vestas' sourcing department so framework conditions could be created for how Vestas attends to the purchase of services decentrally - based on rules and contract frameworks set up centrally. Consequently, the sourcing department was able to keep track of decentral acquisitions to a greater extent and be part of the approval process in regard to the standard conditions that need to be used as a basis. In order to prove the integration options, integration to SAP was established via Business Connectivity Services so Vendor data could be used on sourcing cases, creating a clear-cut picture of the contract frameworks that are applicable to the different suppliers.

Subsequently, Vestas has established five other GoAPPs including:

  • GoAPP: "Legal" for their legal department, which has replaced a lawyer system
  • GoAPP: "Statutory Filing" for their compliance department which supervises the punctual submission of authority documentation for all of Vestas' subsidiaries around the world
  • GoAPP: "Vestas Online Collaboration Workspaces" where internal users upload material which external customers can access via a SAP Portal
  • GoAPP: "Investment Governance Projects" where Vestas' co-development projects are managed, documented and reported to senior management
  • GoAPP: "Sales SharePoint" for their sales department for the management of all sales projects



Vestas is now able to build other GoAPPs with the product and is better equipped to fulfil the business' need for document-centric case processing systems used in the administrative part of Vestas. Furthermore, Vestas itself develops specialised components that supplement the solution or focus on integration to back-end systems that need document management.

With the GoApp concept, there are now clear frameworks for how a new business area is to be supported and the business can be managed in relation to moving within standard frameworks and functionality so focus is on configuration and composition of the solution - and, only in special cases, is custom functionality developed to accommodate business-specific features.

In Vestas, we have a broad need for ECM systems, relating to matters of HR management of employees to keeping an overview of all legal entities, for case management of cases in our legal department. Whenever a new business need arises relating to document-centric case management in Sharepoint, we bring GetOrganized in to play and set up a new business app. The need often presents itself due to a lack of compliance, security or information search functionality in existing solutions. We configure the apps ourselves, and roll them out in the organization. This way, we are able to fulfill the business need swiftly, efficiently and cheaply.

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Michael Ekegren Christensen

Michael Ekegren Christensen