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Utility and construction

We help the utility industry with retaining and organizing documentation regarding geographical objects and construction projects. Using GetOrganized, our clients are supported through their project governance execution models when collecting and producing project documentation and organizing it by project stages or following ISO/IEC standards. Connect our simple milestone and task management feature with well-defined project roles and secure that stage-gate checklists or milestones are assigned to the proper responsibilities.

We succeed by supporting:

  • Projects organized through project governance execution models
  • Contract management
  • Geotagged cases and documents
  • Formal hearings
  • QMS

We deliver the tools through:

  • Integrations with GIS systems (ArcGIS or similar) and address databases
  • Integration til KMD FAS
  • Integration til EasyEnergy
  • Case management
  • Strong Office and Outlook feature set
  • Task and due date management