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Large Corporations

In a world of constant change, where disruption is on the agenda, every part of large corporations has to be agile and ready for change. This means that processes and IT applications must be easy to establish and quick to deploy.

Using GetOrganized as a layer on your SharePoint platform – you enable the possibility of creating business applications, using the GetOrganized feature set within Case, Task and Document Management and you may combine these features in your specific business domain setting, utilizing the strength of organized and structured use of SharePoint lists, libraries and sites.

Multiple big international SharePoint organizations use GetOrganized as the enabler for:

  • Employee File and document handling to support the EU Protection of Personal Data (HR)
  • Contract Management
  • Bid Management/Sales Support
  • Compliance controls and audits (tax, legal, raw materials, HR)
  • Legal Case Management
  • eArchive for Banking and ERP/xRM/CRM (DMS backend)
  • Records Management
  • Implementation of pace layer

We provide the tools through:

  • Powerful Office and Outlook integration
  • Document state management and document relations
  • SharePoint Governance Framework – tested, scalable and holistic
  • Classification driven security and permission management for SharePoint
  • Taxonomy and metadata management across site collections
  • Enriched search experience, context metadata enrichment feeds into the SharePoint index 
  • Proven scalability to multi-million document storage
  • Content life cycle management from site to records center
  • APPBuilder – once installed on SharePoint, build up codeless new GoAPPs

You may already have a SharePoint department and/or developers working with SharePoint, succeeding in or trying to build advanced and extensive SharePoint solutions. GetOrganized can help accelerate the pace by delivering a core foundation architecture, which you can plug into, by well-defined .NET interfaces, and you can enable your own custom-developed features inside the GetOrganized governance framework to be implemented alongside the features provided by GetOrganized.

In Vestas, we have a broad need for ECM systems, relating to matters of HR management of employees to keeping an overview of all legal entities, for case management of cases in our legal department. Whenever a new business need arises relating to document-centric case management in Sharepoint, we bring GetOrganized in to play and set up a new business app. The need often presents itself due to a lack of compliance, security or information search functionality in existing solutions. We configure the apps ourselves, and roll them out in the organization. This way, we are able to fulfill the business need swiftly, efficiently and cheaply.

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